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Gnana Muhaam – Nagercoil 2023 October 7th & 8th.

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Sri Bagavath Mission
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Gnana Muhaam 2023 October 7th to Octover 8th

These are two-day journeys of enlightenment, filled with interactive sessions led by the guiding light himself, Bagavath Ayya, and other kindred spirits. As the sun rises, each morning begins with invigorating treks among the nearby hills, forging a connection with nature’s grandeur. And as the day wanes, the forest beckons, inviting you to walk in quiet contemplation alongside Sri Bagavath Ayya.

It’s more than just a camp; it’s an emotional, soul-nourishing experience, where wisdom and nature intertwine, guiding you on a transformative journey.



Completely newly evolved shining revelations of understanding by Shri Bagavath, are for the ‘Seekers of Truth’.

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  • +91 99942-05880, +91 94432-90559,
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  • www.sribagavath.org
  • ஸ்ரீ பகவத் மிஷன்,
    31, இராமலிங்கசாமி தெரு, அம்மாபேட்டை, சேலம் – 636 003.