About Enlightenment

Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who
needs more helping!

About Enlightenment

Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who
needs more helping!


An humble understanding which contains both the most subtle and the most simple unified in it.

The courage to accept the state, as I am inwardly at this moment without craving even a bit of perfection, modification, or any sort of transformation is the enlightenment.

  • ‘I am not thinking…’
  • ‘The very thought fetches the ‘I’

The moment we acquire this truth, it reveals that, I had not formed my thoughts or feelings, rather it surfaces impulsively and ends its own accord, and there is no separate me or I to control it. Therefore actions of Me and the Existence are not separate. In fact comprehending apparently that there is no separate ‘I’ or ‘Me’ is the immaculate truth of the ‘Enlightenment’.

When there is no eternal “I” to struggle against the feeling or thought appears persistently, ‘World’ (Samsara) or ‘Ego’ is not an interruption for perceiving the truth uncomplicatedly. Because, they never had at all permanent existence.

As long as I recognize the images holding about myself is nothing but a dream and there is no difference between my dreams in the sleep and the thoughts in waking state is the twice awakening which is called ‘Dwij’ (Twice Born) in our Vedantas.

Besides, honestly there is no distinction between waiting for the Enlightenment and lingering for acquiring worldly wealth and sheer pleasures.

Henceforth there is no place for perplexing philosophies, odd beliefs or waiting with the queer dreams of getting enlightenment someday or it will come, will happen, it can be hold and so on.. This tiring inner journey ends up and dissolves in the eternal stream with the total acceptance of as I am inwardly.

The three knot of conflicts ‘Truth’, ‘World’ and ‘I’ gets terminated and turn out to be one with this perpetual gush.


Completely newly evolved shining revelations of understanding by Shri Bagavath, are for the ‘Seekers of Truth’.

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