About Sri Bagavath

Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who
needs more helping!

About Sri Bagavath

Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who
needs more helping!


An humble understanding which contains both the most subtle and the most simple unified in it.

He is not a saint who has renounced everything. Instead, he is a complete man who has accepted the whole. His holistic vision towards enlightenment is a final verdict for the inner seekers who stand at the verge of self realization.

He unveils the mystery that the source of all misery is the desire for ‘Attaining’ which has formed a psychological future and unending inner journey drags towards the idea of Moksha, liberation, Awakening or whatsoever its called..

Even though Ayya’s revelation appears as a shock treatment for the seekers, rather its a healing for ‘Enlightenment’ without no side effects. His glimpse (Dharshan), divulges that the ‘World’ and ‘Truth’ are not two different entities, they are one and alike ‘Waves’ and ‘Ocean’. The very moment mind totally accepts its oscillations without any resistance; the inner flow becomes a perennial stream of flood,

Enlightenment is not an experience or accomplishment, the moment we end up all our internal efforts to hold or repel the feelings instantaneously there is freedom. Freedom indeed, free from all the images and metaphors of freedom. Subsequently there is no more enduring persona to counteract the emerges of thoughts or feelings. It can be called as an ‘Essence of Upanishads’. Or ‘Neo Upanishad’.

For the ages those who are longing for ‘Awakening’ had not so far faced such a relaxed, quiet, effortless storm of surge.


Completely newly evolved shining revelations of understanding by Shri Bagavath, are for the ‘Seekers of Truth’.

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